It wasn’t easy for iPhone users to find a Video Editor For iPhone like Capcut, as other Video Editor for iPhone cost more and do not have many features like Capcut for iPhone. To find a compatible video editing software for Mac, users faced problems, and on the demand of iPhone and Mac users, we introduced Capcut for iOS after publishing Capcut for Android and Capcut for PC.
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Download Capcut for iOS

This video editor provides you with the latest features and acts superior in competition with the others in the editing field. When you search “Best video editor for iPhone,” the result will be Capcut, which is taking over the world in this editing era with modern and up-to-date features. Users can use this on iPhones and Macs to unleash their skills, as it is secure and featureful using advanced technology. So, don’t wait any longer; let’s enjoy your journey with the help of a productive Capcut iOS APK.

Specification of Capcut for iPhone/Capcut for MAC

NameCapcut for iOS
Size355.7 MB
CompatibilityiPhone, Mac, iPad
RquirementsiOS 11.0 or above & macOS 10.14 or later
Rating 4.7
LanguagesEnglish, French, Indonesian, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean
Age Rating12+
PublisherBytedance Pte. LTD.
Latest Version2.1.0
Updated onToday
Source info: App Store

Best Features in Capcut iOS 

Capcut has several features that the users want. 

Easy to Use:

Features of Capcut on iPad are provided in a way that is beyond the users’ expectations. Capcut mod apk offers a simple and user-friendly connection, assuring that video editing is a delightful experience. 

Tools for incredible Edits: 

 With Capcut Mod for IOS, you can use different powerful tools to enhance the quality of your videos by using filters, templates, and effects. You can also convert your pictures into videos by using various templates. 

The excellency of videos: 

 Every user wants to capture memories of their lives to make an arete video. Capcut IOS provides many formats, such as MOV. You can adjust your video intent according to your necessity. When we share some media with another person, sometimes the video doesn’t play. This is because the device is not holding up the format you used for sharing.

Music Fame:

 Every video is complete with background music. Capcut for Mackbook has a list of pieces of music such as pop, romantic, hip-hop, etc. Users can remove the authentic voice from the video, and instead, he/she can add pieces of music according to their taste. You can also import or export them to be used later.

Transition for professional look:

Capcut apk mod increases the value for transition between different video clips. Users can easily glide in their videos for a better look. A professional editor edits the video. Transitional effects in Capcut IOS can also be used for the texts, stickers, images, etc.


The animation feature initiated by Capcut for iPad has a smooth starting and ending point ( intraframe). Users could control their videos, guiding them to life with vigorous animations.

animations on capcut for ios


Capcut for iPhone provides 100 types of effects and filters by which a user can convert their simple videos to interesting/noteworthy videos by adding colors, brightness, etc.; this would make their content perfect.

filters and effects on capcut for ios

Social splitting capability:

With Capcut, you can show your inventive capability all over the world. It authorized consistent social sharing on popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. By this, everyone would be amazed by your creativity.


Capcut has a most exciting feature like stabilization, used for rough or unclear videos to make their results clear and smoother. Capcut contains a variety of stabilization to make users’ films accurate and exciting.

Adding stickers and texts:

Adding some text or stickers makes users’ videos more appealing. These features are necessary for video to give a smooth look. So, this Capcut provides stickers to make a person’s footage impressive. It gains more attention from the people in the surroundings. You can use different types of font present in the capcut apk.

text and stickers on capcut for ios

Essentials for upraising video:

Capcut contains video effects, templates, stickers, music, etc. By adding this instinct, you can make your videos stand out. These features will make your content upraised all over.

Requirements for installing Capcut for ios

  • Your first need is to have an iPhone 11 or later.
  • Having adequate space in the phone so that the app can easily be installed
  • An authentic source is much more essential to download Capcut on iPhone
iOS Version11.0 or above
Memory64GB(ROM) or above
macOS10.14 or above
iPad/iPod touch11.0 or later

Downloading process of Capcut for iOS


To download Capcut video editor for iPhone on iOS follow these steps:

  • Go to the app store
  • Now Type “Capcut video editor” in the search bar.
  • Tap “Get” to install it on your iPhone.
  • Now, open it and enjoy with creative tools.
Download Capcut on ios

There are different steps for downloading the Capcut app.

  • Search for a reliable source; you can also download it from our website
  • Install multifunctional tools on your PC, such as ( Cydia Impactor)
  • Now, with the help of a USB, connect your phone to your computer
  • Put your Apple password to move forward
  • Now you will have to wait for the installation of the Ccut in Cydia Impactor
  • After that, disconnect your phone
  • Set the settings of your iPhone before opening the Capcut app
  • You can trust the profile linked with the Capcut Mod
  • Finally, you can open your app and enjoy all of its features for free

 Downloading without a computer :

Step 1: You want to log in to your iPhone ID

Step 2: Then, after completing the downloading of the application, go to the download file

Step 3: Click to install the Capcut APK mod

Step 4: Detect the app on your iPhone screen and go for your project.

Capcut fresh ameliorate

  • Audio editing in MP3 format
  • Seductive editing options for texts, videos, etc
  • New templates and features
  • Better features for outstanding graphics

Difference between Capcut for IOS and Android

  • Capcut for both devices could differ due to their features or users’ intersection and prosecution. Specific differences could be in the operating system of these two devices.
  • Capcut for ios’s user interface can be plotted to work superior utilizing the iPhone platform
  • On the other hand, a Capcut for Android might be designed to be more appropriate for different devices with screen proportions and different resolutions.


Capcut is the favorite of everyone nowadays. Through capcut, a beginner can quickly learn skills for video editing; It is also constructive for graphics. By practicing the capcut mod apk, You can enhance your capability of editing videos, Quran Translation, and making films and vlogs.


How to download Capcut in India iOS?

Visit the site and follow the given steps to download capcut in India.

Is Capcut available for iOS or Mac?

Yes, Capcut is available and you easily download it for Mac by visiting

Is Capcut free on iPhone?

Yes, Capcut is free on iPhone.